Simplicity is one of the foundations for the creation of Vesica Piscis Footwear and based on this concept is our latest creation re-weart.

With our new, simple and intuitive app, we can help you to transform your old clothes/fabrics into something new.

All you need to do is follow these steps to order your re-weart creation:

1. First download the app onto your mobile or tablet.


2. Once the app is open, we invite you to take a look at all of the shoes and bags in our range, so that you can decide which one you would like to transform your clothing or fabric into.

3. Having reached this point, you can enter your fabric by taking a photo of it to be visualised in 3D, clicking on the re-weart camera that you will see on the screen. Just above the re-weart camera you will see an info button, where you can find tips on how to best take the photo. When you have taken it, you will see that as well as being able to make the model entirely in your fabric, you also have the option of combining it with any of the colours that are available to you.

4. This is the final step in the design process of your article, where you can choose from the different options that we offer to tailor the product to your tastes, such as, the colour of the sole, the trim, the strap, laces and fabrics, and give it your personal touch.

5. If you are stuck for ideas, you can see existing combinations for inspiration.

6. You will have all of the information on the materials used to make the product, accompanied by a table of sizes, so that you can check which one is yours.

7. You can share your designs in social networks.

8. When you have chosen your favourite one, you can place your order.

8. Finally, you just have to prepare the package with the garment/fabric you wish to transform. The day after placing your order, Zeleris/DHL will collect it from the address given by you.

When we have received your delivery, we will take from 4 to 14 days to make your creation and send it back to you to enjoy.

* To avoid any misunderstandings, please see our terms and conditions.